Fancy Cosmetic Display Cabinet Upscale Makeup Shop Wall Cabinets

More and more people are entering the beauty product industry due to its high profits. If you are one of the practitioners, you will need to consider how to build your own store to let customers know that your brand attracts more customers. Today we have designed a high-end cosmetics shop and inside furniture for your reference.


Cosmetic Shop Layout

The layout is the most important point when designing a store. Generally, we also consider the entire layout of the store first and then pay attention to every detail. The layout of the store is divided into the layout of display cabinets and the placement of interior decorations. You need to choose according to the orientation and location of the actual store.

The store we designed has a rectangular structure as a whole. In order to make full use of the space, we have chosen a lot of frame display cabinets, also known as wall cabinets. However, many different styles are designed so that the whole shop does not look monotonous.

There are also some counters in the middle to recommend popular products to customers and make good use of the internal space.

Cosmetic Shop Color

We know that cosmetics also belong to people’s daily necessities, and customers want to become more beautiful and better after using them. Therefore, our design concept is to consider the concept of white. Therefore, the decoration color of the store, the color of the display furniture, and the color of the light are all uniformly white. Strengthen the concept that cosmetics can make you better and whiter.

Material Selection

The materials of these display cabinets in the store are all selected according to the final effect of your design, generally based on MDF or plywood. In our design, the surface of the display furniture use baking lacquer. The surface is as bright as a mirror, reflecting the light, and adding brightness to the shop.

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