Factory directly wholesale price candy store display furniture for sale

Candy, colorful color, with beautiful packaging and appearance, sweet flavor, deeply attract us like talons. Catering to open a candy shop, like to have a candy color of dream. So, what aspects should pay attention to open a candy store? We take a look at the following of a candy shop design of a factory directly wholesale price candy store display furniture for sale.



For the layout of a candy shop, we usually need to make a cashier area, against the wall we can make the wall display cabinet. And in the middle of the candy store, we can make some attractive display stands, the candy tree is a good option too.

Because the main customer of the candy store almost children and young people. We have to make the candy shop display furniture with fancy designs and colorful to attract more people. This is exactly what we can do for you and we have many candy shop displays model.

Our hot sale candy shop furniture has a candy tree, wall display cabinet, cane display, and snail display. We accept customize size and customize design service. Please feel free to contact us to get a price list.



You need to find out a shop location first and get the floor plan or the shop size. Our design team will make a new 3d shop model with your shop size and we can discuss the layout and then make it on the design. The reason we need to make a customized shop design first is we can see the whole shop effect on the 3d.

If your shop is a small size, you can choose your favorite candy shop display cabinet model from our current model. You can let us know the size and the color you want then you can order them directly.

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