Hello everybody. Welcome to our website ! are you looking for a nail bar kiosk?

With the development of the economy. people’s consumption levels are constantly mentioned. more and more people are paying attention to the improvement of external image. for example, hair styling, crush, nail, tooth whitening and correction.

I have to say that the beauty industry has been widely spread around the world. is affecting us at a rapid rate, deeply loved by the majority of consumers.

Here the one i wanna share is a very popular and exquisite nail bar kiosk design for your meet. let’s see more details together.


3D images for this nail bar kiosk :

nail bar kiosk

We can see the whole kiosk mainly tone is white. match some purple. the bottom is black skirting. the front part is a small cashier counter and nail Polish display stand.  the left sides is a long nail bar with five manicure seats. with Nail dryer and nail duster. the right sides is a 400mm width counter, the below is some wooden cabinet for storage. the top is a  glass display to show nail polish.

For the whole kiosk surface.with brand name, price list and product showings, looks very nice.

nail bar kiosk

Basic information of this nail bar kiosk.

Size: 4000x2500mm. or customized based on your  place.

Color: white, black, purple.

Material : MDF, tempered glass.

Service: manicure, nail polish to show.

Delivery: 22-25 work days.


How to customized a nail kiosk like this? first,  you need do a plan. Make an initial idea and budget. such as how much space to rent in the mall. How many persons should we provide manicure service?

2.Rent a space in mall. Make sure there are enough people and customers.

3.Confirmed the nail kiosk style, color and inside layout. make it fit the mall’s requipment.

4.after get the mall approval. start production this kiosk, install and start business.


Thanks for your time and reading. We are Unique kiosk is a direct manufacturer in China. we mainly work on the design and customize different types of mall salon kiosk and bar counter.  if you’re interested to build a nail bar kiosk design like this, pls feel free to contact us here, welcome inquiry!

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