Elegant watch store design high wall display cabinet for jewelry

Now there are many brands of watches, and watches as a daily timekeeping tool are often the best choice for people to give gifts. If you want to make a watch store to start your business, you need to prepare something in advance. The first step and the most important thing is the watch store design.

This is an elegant watch store design high wall display cabinet for jewelry. It can suitable for not only a watch shop but also a jewelry shop. Hope you can get some ideas from this article.



The shop decoration of a watch store is important to attract the customer. We need to design the watch store according to different customers. If you’re dealing with senior people or high-end office people, then the watch shop design cannot make too low-level. We need to make it with a luxury design to match your products.

The display furniture for this watch shop is the wall display cabinet against the wall. With the glass display shelf and a lighted 3d logo on the top. Below is the storage drawer or cabinet. On the front of the wall display showcase has the watch display stand, they are marble color with gold stainless steel edges, glass display box on the top. In the middle of the watch shop has a seating area for customers to have a rest.


Our designer can make a new watch store design according to your shop size. Please send us if you have the shop size or floor plan. Please feel free to send us your favorite watch store showcase style if you have one. We will make it to fit your need and you can be satisfied with the design.

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