Are you looking for a multifunctional mall kiosk? Do you plan to sell both watch and perfume in one booth? As for a mall kiosk manufacturer, we should know what kiosks do you need. Many of our customers need a kiosk can sell different products at a time. Some people sell watch and jewelry, others sell food and drink together. Today, I want to share a customized pefume kiosk with you. You can also use it to sell watches. Let’s view how it help your business.

Introduction about perfume kiosk

It’s very important to rent a location in the mall center. Then you can decide what size and color of kiosk is good for you. As we can see in the picture, the kisok size is 10ft by 8ft. In the front side, it has two display counter with glass showcase, while on the bottom are locked drawers. You can place watches here, so that people can choose easily. In the corner is a small checkout desk, a high stand with logo stand front. There are also display showcase in the two sides, which is attracts people from different directions. On the back side, there is black stand on the top of white counter, perfumes is put there in turns. Elegant smell leave deep impression on people. Do you like this perfume kiosk & watch booth design?

watch cabinet watch booth

Real pictures show

It looks beautiful in real life. And we can view all the details clealry. The main material is MDF with whtie and black baking. Other material includes stainless steel, acrylic, tempered glass, light strip, etc. The main color of perfume kiosk is white with black color for decoration. That makes your shop elegant and standing out.

watch kioskperfume booth perfume boxes

The color, layout, material, size and style can change to your favorites. If you have any idea about kiosk decoration, please feel free to leave us a message here! We are glad to help you. Thank you

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