Elegant Jewelry Kiosk Design Stainless Steel Jewelry Display Cabinets For Sale

Jewelry display cabinets are cabinets used to display jewelry. And in some shopping malls they can also used to display other goods. For example, watches, glasses, etc. Fashionable jewelry display cabinets can not only display jewelry, but also beautify our jewelry. Make the jewellery look more shiny. Thereby promoting the success of sales and increasing the turnover of the store. Although the size of some novel and unique jewelry display cabinets is not large. They can also attract customers’ attention and promote customers to come to the door. For example, kiosk used in shopping malls of this small size. This kind of kiosk is the best choice for small entrepreneurs who are just starting a jewelry business to start a jewelry business with a low budget.

What is the general size of the jewelry display cabinet?

In the jewelry store, there are display cabinets of various styles, single ones and many connected together. These jewelry display cabinets are different in size and purpose. A single display cabinet is generally used to place some unique jewelry. For example, the expensive treasure of the town shop. This single jewelry display cabinet can use glass with lights to show the advantages of jewelry. The size of such a single jewelry display cabinet is about 800x400x900mm.

But for the jewelry kiosk in the shopping mall, the size depends on what you want and the size for mall can give you. Usually 10x10ft, 10x12ft, 10x15ft or 12x15ft and so on.

This jewelry kiosk design is very high-end design. The main material is MDF with baking, 8mm tempered glass. The edges we use stainless steel. Inside we add the LED strip lights to make the kiosk look more attractive.




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