Are you looking for an eyebrow threading kiosk and plan to start your own business? Today, I want to introduce a nice eyebrow threading kiosk to you. Hope it can help you a lot.

First, superb eyebrow technique

If you lack practical experience, please hire a superb technique person to help you. Due to poor technology, it will cause a bad reputation for your eyebrow studio. Besides, it will have a great negative impact on your personal and eyebrow studio image. People served by the studio are basically 5 kilometers around you. Behind every customer you serve, at least 5 people will become sincere customer. If the service of the first customers is good enough, then the days you will win more customers.

Second, sufficient funds to support the operating costs

If you open an eyebrow threading shop, the decoration is about US$20,000 to US$40,000.  This is a considerable investment.  No one pays your salary, but you need to invest time and money. If your capital reserve is not optimistic, risk taking is not recommended.

However, if you are doing something short of funds, then open an eyebrow kiosk in the mall center is a good choice. You just want to earn performance and make a lot of money for your customers. You need to spend 7000-9000usd for eyebrow kiosk and around 4000 USD for mall rent. Which depends on your mall. It’s a great idea to save money and earn profit.

eyebrow kioskeyebrow threading kiosk

Third, enough customer accumulation

New eyebrow stores often lack customer accumulation. This means that you need to obtain the first customers, such as advertising. Perhaps this will not immediately bring profits, but you must have good technology and service. They are willing to introduce customers to you. When you have a certain customer accumulation and a good reputation, you will get a stable income.

Wish you can start your business earlier, if you need a unique eyebrow kiosk decoration, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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