How to open a fast food kiosk in outdoor? Fast food restaurants belong to the foodservice industry. First, you should choose a suitable location, or a commercial street, a school, or a station nearby. After selecting the appropriate location, and then normal processing, business, tax, health permit, and other documents. You can start the business.


If you want to open a fast food kiosk that makes money. You must first have your own characteristics when you open a kiosk. It is good to be hygienic. The selection of fast-food varieties chooses one type of fast-food variety, which only manages meals, or operates noodles, or operates noodles. The other is based on the management of certain types of fast food varieties. And some of the other two types of products are supplemented by.


It is enough that all the varieties add up to about 20 types. If a fast food restaurant is serving meals or pastry, it is best to run several soups at the same time and provide some free side dishes. For novice entrepreneurs, there must be a good plan before opening a kiosk. The types of fast food that they operate must be clear. According to local conditions and the price level of the goods.


Durable use outdoor fast food kiosk


The material of the fast food outdoor kiosk:

Basic material: metal, aluminum, plywood.

Surface finishing: solid wood, laminate, aluminum-plastic panel.

Others: stainless steel, tempered glass.


How to order fast food outdoor kiosk from our company?

If you want to open a fast food kiosk in outdoor, please feel free to contact us. Tell us your size, and the equipment machine list. Your favorite design style, and other your requirements.

For the design of fast food outdoor kiosk, we usually charge a 300 USD design deposit. ( It will deduct from total cost ). We will send the 3 D design drawing to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design fee.

After you confirm the final design, pay 50% design deposit. Then we can start production.

When the kiosk finished, please pay 50% balance before the shipping.

We will offer you the shipping service and after-sales service.


Welcome to inquiry!!! Any questions please feel free to contact us on Email: sales08@uniquekiosk.com.



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