Nowadays, cosmetic is a necessity for most female friends. And the cosmetic shop owner is busy to recommend suitable skin care products for customers. If it’s your first businesss, you should choose a wonderful service counter. Because the unique cosmetic shop decoration can first attracts peopele. And it can also make your product have a better visual effect. Today, I want to introduce a luxury wooden cosmetic kiosk for your reference. Let’s view more details together.

Solid wood cosmetic counter retail makeup display showcase

From the design idea, we can see the dimension is 4m b y 2m. The main color is wood surface. There is a reception counter in the front side, people can pay the bill here. There are large wall shelves with storage cabinets to place more cosmetics and skin care products. You can put light box and painting here for advertising. The kiosk has a big ceiling, which looks elegant. Do you like this design idea? If you have any new idea about the cosmetic shop, please feel free to tell us. We can make a new design based on your requirements.

More infomration about the cosmetic shop counter

  • Basic material: Plywood, solid wood
  • Other materials: Light box painting, frame, light strip, hardwares, acrylic logo, glass door, etc.
  • Design time: 2-3 business days
  • Design idea: Follow on our customers’ requirements
  • Produciton time: 18-22 days
  • Delivery time: Depends on the final port to delivery

3D design show

make up counter

How to assembly the cosmetic kiosk?

We will production the kiosk follow on the confirmed design drawing. Through the whole production time, we will take photos or videos to show you the details. Before shipping, we will assembly the whole cosmetic counter in our factory. So you can use it directly when receive the goods. For better delivery, the kiosk will be divided into several parts. You only need to put them together.

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