Distintive Cosmetic Kiosk Design For Mall Showcase Manufacture

You never know how beautiful you are with makeup. As the saying goes, women have three-point looks and seven-point dresses. This saying is true. There are no ugly women, only lazy women. For example, most girls are very ordinary, but they rely on their acquired efforts to make themselves more perfect. And they will become more confident. Besides, makeup is a basic behavior of respecting others. Therefore, makeup is no doubt becoming more and more popular among people. Do you want to start cosmetic business? Today I will share a distintive cosmetic kiosk design to you.

cosmetic kiosk cosmetic shop cosmetic display

The Cosmetic Kiosk Description

According to the above pictures, we can find this is a distintive cosmetic kiosk with gray color floor. The kiosk size is 3*5m and the color is gray, white and pink. The cosmetic kiosk basic material has MDF with baking paint, Acrylic logo, tempered glass and stainless steel. The whole cosmetic kiosk is composed of seven small cabinets. There are six cabinets are symmetrical to each other among them. And the last one is placed in the middle for makeup to customers. However, two of the six cabinets are only for decoration. Their color are white and pink. The rest are two glass showcases and two wooden showcases. They are all multi-layer showcases used to display different kinds of cosmetics. In addition, there is a logo card in the middle of the cosmetic kiosk. It is very obvious. The cosmetic kiosk looks extremely unique and beautiful. Do you think so?

The Advantages Of Our Company

Our company has more than ten years’ experience on display furniture. We have made many kinds of display furnitures, such as food kiosks, cosmetic kiosks, jewelry kiosks, outdoor display showcases and so on. All display furnitures we made are meeting the demands of the customers. Besides, we have prefessional designers and skillful workers. If you want to make a cosmetic display kiosk or have any questions, please contact us soon. We will customize a new cosmetic kiosk for you on the basis of your needs.

Looking forward to your inquiry. Thank you for your time and reading.



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