Cute children clothing store design customize shop fixtures

With the change of work and life, many people choose to start their own business and start their own personal career journey. And many of them are thinking of doing children’s clothing, want to open a children’s clothing store of their own.  

Children’s clothing store design first to understand the design characteristics of their own store. For their own store to create a store image of their own, so that more consumers can remember your store is the key.  Children’s clothing store should not only have a good product but also have a good store design.  



This is a cute style children’s clothing store with light colors. For the children’s clothes store, the design of the wall display showcase is like a house. And in the middle of the clothes shop has the display stand that can display the milk powder or other products for baby. We can make the display showcase with wooden display shelf or slatwal display.


We can make a customize children’s clothes shop for you. Please send us your shop size or floor plan, and any other requirements. Our design team will make a new 3d shop model with your shop size. We can make a floor plan or layout for you first. And then we start the 3d design.

For a customize clothes shop 3d design will charge a 500-1000$ design deposit. The exact design fee depends on your shop size. We can make the store design with your favorite style. If you do not have any idea, we can make and send it to you. You can check and let us know if anything needs to update.

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