Stores are not the mainstream of sales now. If people want to start a business, they will not choose to open a store, but a kiosk, or a mobile cart. There are many factors that a store needs to consider. Such as location and inside decorating. If you open a kiosk or cart in the mall, you just need to sign a contract with the mall and build a kiosk/cart.

We are a professional mall kiosk/cart manufacturer. We can design and produce them, so you hardly need to worry about this problem. Today I want to introduce you to a popular mobile cart. It can sell some retail merchandise. Such as handbags, cellphone accessories, jewelry, etc.

Product Information


Size: 3×1.2×2.4m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Logo: Acrylic

Others: Lightbox, led light

Production time: 20-28 working days




Mobile Cart Details

From its appearance, it is like a boat. Its display area is obvious. There is a curved trapezoidal display on one side, and a glass display cabinet on the other. In the middle is the cash counter, and there is also a glass display on one side.

The trapezoidal display area can be used to place items such as bags, shoes, or toys. The glass display cabinet can hold some more expensive ones. Such as jewelry, mobile phones, etc. In addition to the display, it also has some storage space. For example, drawers, etc. The side of the trapezoidal display can be stored and locked. When we close the cabinet at night, it can be locked.



This cart has a top in the middle, and our logo can be added to the top 4 sides. The display areas on the left and right sides also display the main products we sell through lightbox paintings. It is also a good decoration tool.

It also has wheels, which makes it easy to move.





The cost of this type of cart is relatively low, and we don’t need to consider how to decorate, and its installation is very simple. After you sign an agreement with the mall, you can leave the rest to us. You only need to confirm and submit the design and give us the mall feedback. We can do both the production and transportation of carts. You only need a simple installation to use it when you receive the cart.

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