Customize Store Design For Underwear and Bra Display Rack

The clothing industry is a very popular item in the modern urban retail industry. Due to the large demand for clothing, many investors have joined the opening of clothing stores. The underwear shop is a branch of the clothing industry. Underwear is one of the most popular and personal clothing items.

Due to the exquisiteness and comfort requirements of underwear, many young people in cities will go to special underwear shops to buy goods instead of some buy underwear in a more conventional clothing store. The correct location is the first condition for making money in the store.

The best location of the underwear shop

Different locations form different business districts. And the degree of development of the business district will directly affect the profitability of the stores. The site is selected in a mature business circle, and there is a fixed flow of people as a guarantee. If your underwear and apparel products are of high quality and affordable, then your underwear store business will be very good.

Underwear store display furniture

This is a big underwear clothing shop. It use for sell underwear, bra, sleepwear and slipper and handbag. We can make a whole underwear store design for you with your location floor plan. This underwear clothing shop is mainly using the grey and white display showcase.

We can see the whole shop is very bright and the ceiling has many spotlights to light up the whole shop. And around of the underwear shop all the grey and white high wall display cabinets. The display cabinets all the shelves or hooks to display the products like underwear or panties.


The material of the underwear store display showcase

The material we can use MDF with grey color baking paint, white color baking paint. Or other material we can use the metal frame with white color baking paint and grey color baking paint.

If the shopping mall or the landlord have any special requirement about the material, please get back to us. We have another material plywood with laminate, also good material and a good choice for you. And if the management of the shopping mall requires the material sample, we can send a small sample for you to send to them for approval.

Some questions you may want to know from us

1. What can we do for you if you want to make the underwear shop furniture?

We are a company with a design team and our own factory. After we finish the 3d design of the underwear shop furniture. We will make a whole set of construction drawings include the floor plan and electricity inside. For the 3d customize store design, we will charge a 500-800 USD and it is for the small deposit of the total cost. The design fee depends on the size of your shop.

2. How do you pack the furniture?

We will pack all the display cabinet foam inside and wooden boxes outside. The package is very strong and safe for the long time delivery.

3. How about the shipping of the furniture?

We usually ship the display store furniture by sea. Usually, for the store furniture, we will need to fill them into a full container, because of not a small quantity of the furniture. For the price, please get back to us the nearest destination port from you then we can check it for you. If you have your own shipping agent in China, you can ask them to contact us to arrange the shipment.


Please welcome to contact us for more details at, thanks a lot!

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