Customize french fries kiosk small food business idea share with you

French fries are one of the most popular potato foods in America. Many children and young people love it. You can start a small business with a food kiosk to sell french fries. We can help you and guide you in creating and giving you some business ideas.

This is a customize french fries kiosk small food business idea shared with you. You can check this design for reference if you want to make a fast food kiosk to start the french fries business.



The cashier area is on the corner of the left side with a big logo on the front. Inside the kiosk has the work counter to put the equipment machine to make the french fries. It has a pillar for the menu we can make it a lighted box with pictures. Or we can make it advertising TV so that you can play the pictures and videos.


For the food kiosk material, we usually use plywood with laminate. On the countertop, we had better add the glass guard. If clear tempered glass, the customer can see through inside. If we use frosted tempered glass, the customer cannot see through inside. We can make it according to your need.

The size of the food kiosk we can make it to fit your location. So you need to check the size of your location first and get back to us.


First, we need to start a customized 3d design which will charge a 300 USD design deposit. You can pay through Paypal for faster arrival.

For the kiosk price, the payment term is 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping. Please pay through bank transfer or western union. Not accept Paypal and credit card.

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