Nowadays, food service is more and more popular. It mainly located in the shopping center, street, and food store. it can for selling juice, bubble tea, coffee, candy, crepe, waffle, snack, fast food and more. In this article, the one I wanna share is a very popular creativity coffee kiosk design with chocolate display showcase for sale.

Basic information about this coffee kiosk: 

  • Size: 6000X2500mm.
  • Color: brown, white, beige, black.
  • Material: Plywood, MDF, laminate
  • Design: 3d max and CAD drawings.
  • Service: coffee, chocolate.
  • Accessories: led light, acrylic logo.
  • Usage: shopping mall or food store.

Like this coffee kiosk, mainly tone is brown, match a little beige and white, black color countertop. the whole counter is “U” shape. The left sides is a cambered topping counter with glass cover. Surface with many brown color strip decoration. Looks very nice. Next to it is a refrigerator for chocolate. Two cashier counter for order. 

At the whole kiosk, backsides is a 900mm height counter for put coffee machine and stainless steel sink. The right sides counter below is some freezer. Here have a back wall with shelves display. Can put something for decoration. very fashion and high-end.

coffee kiosk

Design process

We are custom factory and everyone has difference ideas.So we do not have same design. And suggest make the 3D design base on your demands. You can tell me your favorite style and requirements.Such as color, size,layout and logo.ect. Before designing.we need to charge 300USD as design fee, and we will deduct it from order price when you order the kiosk from us.

We will send 3D design for you check witnin 2-3 working days. It is allow make modification base on your ideas. You can tell me and we help you make changes. After you check the final design,you can send it to mall for approval. if the mall center has any comments on design,we can make modify and help you get the pass ASAP.

Kiosk assembly

When finish the production,we will assemble whole kiosk and take some pictures for you check. When you comfirm everything is good,our worker can do the clean work. Then divide it seveal parts to easy shipping. We will mark the number on each part.Such as 1234. After you receive it. you can assemble it by yourself.It is very simple and easy. You can put them together in right location according to the design and number then connect the wires,the kiosk can work normally. If you still dont konw how to assemble, you can contact us. We will guide you.

chocolate kiosk

What is the price?

Our kiosk price is base on size, materials and style. So we suggest make design can know the exact price and check all details. If you want to the price first, just tell me the size and show me your forvaite style. We can give you the eatimate cost. We have own factory and design team. Can provide you high-quality products and perfect design. If the price is over your budget, our designer will modify design base on your budget and will give you good price.

If you wanna start your phone kiosk like this one, it’s very necessary to make it attractive and special. So can attract more customers’ attention. Uniquekiosk is a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of mall food kiosk and display counter. More related information. pls direct contact us here, thank you! 

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