Are you looking for the best sunglass kiosk for mall display? Here the one beautiful sunglass kiosk ideas. Yes. it’s a beautiful mall kiosk retail display contests.

Carolina Lemke sunglasses display kiosk for mall

Consumer demand for glasses is huge, no matter is glasses for myopia or sunglasses’ market all are very hot, especial sunglasses more popular for people, almost everyone all has a pair of sunglass even more, today I want to share a set creative sunglasses display kiosk, dear friends, if you have idea to open a sunglasses display kiosk in mall, below design will help you.

Carolina Lemke kiosk design in mall

the set sunglasses display kiosk design is very creative, it is not normal square and rectangle, it is arc-shape design, arc-shape corner,arc-shaped display shelves to put sunglasses, so whole set kiosk looks very high-end and creative.

lets us see kiosk together, whole kiosk design is open, total separate 2 big parts, there is a big arc-shaped display cabinet and one rectangle small cabinets, let’s us first see arc-shaped display cabinets, the front bottom is posters lightboxes and inside is storage cabinets, countertop we made 4 layer arc-shape display shelves, from the bottom to top, display shelves decrease long, designer special make this concept,so that design is more high-end and three-dimensional, small cabinets display way also is so; small cabinets top we also make small display boxes, also can put some newest products, we put customers logo on the front of small cabinets, because this side just now is face to corridor. 

and then see color match, because of arc shape design, designer special use 2 kinds color to distinguish arc shape and inside cabinets, black and white just is very fresh color, also not out of style, also match customer logo, so whole design color looks very comfortable and fashion.  

how do you think of our this set sunglasses display kiosk? if you like it, welcome send inquiry.

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