Cosmetic shop interior design beauty products display shelf

The cosmetic store mainly sells skin care products, perfume, makeup, toiletries and so on. In general, we need to meet the business needs of cosmetics stores in terms of decoration design, exquisite and practical. But also take into account the characteristics of personality design, which can attract customers. On the premise of shop decoration design and the space layout is particularly important!  

With the development of the domestic cosmetics market, there are a lot of cosmetics stores on the market. And female economic consumption has been relatively high, open cosmetics stores are also a good choice!  For the decoration of cosmetic stores, I hope you can find some answers you want here.  



The layout of this cosmetic shop has a wall display cabinet area, a sitting area, and a cashier counter area. The design of the cosmetic shop display showcase is very important.

For the color and style of the cosmetic store display furniture, we need to match it to the whole cosmetic shop style.

For example, take a look at the design of this cosmetic shop, the main color is white and black.

So the color of this cosmetic shop display cabinet is mainly black color. And add some posters for decoration. Meanwhile, we can also put your product name on the top then the customer can choose what they want better.



Usually, if you want to open a cosmetic shop, the first step is to make a customize 3d store design. Please send the shop size or the floor plan to us. Our design team can make a cosmetic shop design exactly fit what you need…

A customize 3d cosmetic shop design will charge a 500-1000$ design deposit. The exact design cost depends on your shop size. We will change the design according to your requirement.

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