Cosmetic Kiosk Booth Design Modern Makeup Counter with Ceiling

makeup counter

The cosmetic kiosk is a good place to sell all kinds of cosmetics and provide a makeup counter. Many business owners tend to a simple but luxurious cosmetic kiosk, which is good to use and also looks better. With the fast development of the new design drawing.

Cosmetic kiosk booth design

This cosmetic kiosk includes a nail art table, cosmetic display counter, massage chair, and even wall shelves. It has an acrylic panel column to support the ceiling and attach a luminous logo at the top. It has many entrances, allows customers to go to the office very much. When we are

Nail table

This nail table is in white color, which is set near one acrylic panel column. It has two water sinks on the table for a wash and two chairs for manicure service. The middle area has a display shelves to place nail polish.

cosmtic booth

Makeup counter

The makeup counter set in the on side, which has multiple layers for showcase makeup. Nest to it is a rectangle cabinet, it mainly use to show brand logo and storage cabinet.

The middle area has two massage chairs facing the mirror on the advangage wall. Behnd it is wall shelf and posters. They looks like an L shape layout. There is a small roof here with spotlight.

Flooring is also very important in the kiosk design. Choose suitable flooring makes your cosmetic kiosk loooks better and good for business.

cosmetic kiosk

Material information

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Other materials: Acrylic, stainless steel, flooring, etc.

Cosmetic kiosk size

This cosmetic kiosk size is 3m by 5m, we can also make it customize size according to the rented size. So that we can make the cosmetic kiosk good to use.

Color information

The main color color is white, gray, and can make customize color. If you need other colors, we can make it same color as you want.

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