Colorful high-end new style candy house design candy tubes for decoration

We are producing furniture for a beautiful candy house now. This candy house is located in Angola. We designed a new candy shop for her based on her exact floorplan and favorite style. Below are some photos what she sent me before, she likes below styles very much, we referred some ideas from them to design new style store.

On the right side, it is a single display stand with holes for lollipops. Each layer with many lollipops. In the middle of stand are three big lollipops moulds. We also put this stand with holes for lollipops in our customer’s store. Next to it, there are main sell areas for sweet candy.  We notice that each layer with LED lights, in order to display candy clearly. On the bottom of display cabinets are storage drawers. We referred to this, as well.

Opposite to display area is cash register counter, under the countertop is lights around it. Also, on the surface of counter are colorful stickers. It can make whole shop more attractive. Besides, there are colorful lights on the ceiling, this light is controlled by remote control, just click different buttons,
it will appear in the corresponding color in the ceiling.

Besides, can you see that? on the top of display cabinets are candy tubes. Those candy tubes do not fill in real candy into it. It with colorful stickers, which similar to real candy in the tubes. To make this wall more grander. For this idea, we do a similar one in our candy house.

In a word, we design a new shop according to customer’s favorite style and layout. And provide all the furniture in it, including candy boxes, false walls, tubes, etc.

If any interest, please send us freely.



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