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Hello everyone. Today I want to share with you a very beautiful candy and chocolate shop. With the improvement of consumption level, candy will have a huge market space in many shopping malls. The sales performance of confectionery is currently on the rise. Most of the customers are young people and 70% are repeat customers. Confectionery purchases must consider a reasonable combination of high and low prices. And constantly updating the goods is the trick to success.

Please look at the decoration of this candy store. The colorful colors, the beautiful appearance, and the sweet taste attract us deeply.
But now the market for the development of the candy industry is becoming broader and broader. There are also many issues to consider if you want to run a good-profit candy direct sales store.
How to design a candy store that can attract many consumers is also our top priority.

Only by working hard on the decoration, design and creativity of the store can we attract more consumers.

Dylan’s Candy Bar in Miami

Dylan Lauren, the daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren, brought her masterpiece. The candy store was built in 2013. A lollipop tree stands in the center of the main floor, surrounded by candy cane pillars and decorated on candy boxes. Such a characteristic candy store brings a hint of surprise on the crowded streets. Whether you are an adult or a child, you will probably be tempted to go in and take a look.

Do you want to open a candy store like this? Then contact us as soon as possible. Our company can design a more beautiful design for you and make a complete set of drawings to the local landlord or mall manager for review.




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