Beautiful Candy Kiosk House Shape Leisure Foods Showcase For Sale

Everyone likes sweet food, especially candy. Because sweet food can let people happy, whether old adults or children.  Every time we walk in the street or in the mall, we can see the various candy and fruit products in the mall. Curiously, almost all the food kiosk was put in the most eye-catching place, so they can attract more people’s attention. In modern life, leisure food is more and more popular, people can eat in watching TV or movie, celebrating the important holidays, walking out for the sun, etc. So it is still wise to open a food shop that can let you make money. So let us look at this leisure food kiosk together.

Description of the leisure food kiosk

candy kiosk

First of all, the whole appearance is a house shape, the hollow design on the top has a different feeling. It is suited for the above people to see the food kiosk and come here to buy. The purpose is to let customers see what we sell.  Secondly, there are many bulbs hung on the top shelf, so as to light the food for customers. On the countertop, we can see many acrylic boxes with lips, that have various food in them, so people can buy different food at this kiosk.  What’s more, gift bags also can be seen on it. When customers buy your food, you can pack it for them.

Importantly, bags have a brand logo on them, it is good for customers to remember your brand and purchase again.  Thirdly, for the counter body, we design two-color to decorate and look more beautiful.   On the front side, we can see the logo, which has a promotion effect. the base material is stainless steel. Last but not least, we reserved enough places to place your cashier register.

The material display of the leisure food kiosk

  • acrylic box with lip
  • stainless steel
  • plywood and laminate
  •  led stripe light and bulb
  • laminate logo
  • some accessories include a socket.

To find out more, welcome to visit our website If you want a food stand in the mall, this leisure kiosk is very suited for you. Sent us your inquiry for more information.



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