Hello good morning everyone. Welcome to visit our company website. Today I want to share with a Coffee shop design restaurant kiosk food store furniture customize factory. A very high-end and attractive design which is our designer made.


How to decorate your coffee shop design?

  • Modern style

For the purpose of simplicity and practicality, to create a comfortable and free living space for urban people, without too many complicated shapes. No cumbersome decoration, no absolute personality. No pursuit of luxury, high-end, decoration will never Complex. There will not be too much investment, but more emphasis on the choice of furniture. Jewelry and color matching, through different combinations, to achieve different decorative effects. The flat layout is reasonable, space is fully utilize. And the overall design is compact, making the interior decoration economical and comfortable, in line with the requirements of modern life.

1. The door of the coffee shop can induce people’s attention, stimulate consumers’ awareness of participation. And make them interested, so as to achieve the purpose of entering the store. So the unique coffee shop door design is a big secret to attract consumers into the store.

2. When the coffee shop overall space decoration design, you can install a noise reduction device to solve the noise problem caused by solid sound and air sound. To create a quiet, comfortable space for consumers to enjoy At the same time, you can relax.

3d design drawing of the Coffee shop design restaurant kiosk food store furniture customize factory:


How to make the 3d coffee store furniture design from Unique Furniture Ltd?

Firstly, for the 3d design of store furniture, we will charge 500-800USD for the design deposit. The price based on the size of your store and if you have the floor plan will be better.

Secondly, we will make the 3d design drawing to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.

Thirdly, if you don’t like the first draft, we will change for you.

In the end, we will make the construction drawing for you after you confirm the final 3d design.


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