fantastic coffee shop counter design with bakery display showcase 

When you go to Starbucks or some high-end coffee shop, expect unique and high-end shop decoration, 

you will also find their coffee shop counter design is very nice and functional.

Coffee shop counter is sale area, display area, also prepare area. It is the most important part of a coffee shop.

I met some customers are looking for a nice coffee counter this week. 

We just finish one fantastic coffee counter design, can’t help share with you here:

coffee shop counter

see this coffee counter, it is 6m long, comes with back feature wall, used in a retail coffee shop.

Why say this coffee counter is fantastic? 

Firstly, you see the color match. Because coffee shop usually prefers coffee color or wood color. 

This coffee counter used nature wood color match black, looks very ancient and high-end.

Second, it used natural wood made a nice feature wall with logo on it. People can easily find the brand.

Third, it is very functional. there are many wood shelves fixed on the back wall can be used to put cups, tools, and coffee.

Used Traditional black board wrote price list as the menu, match the coffee counter well.

coffee shop counter

More basic info for your reference

Size:6m by 2m or customize as your needs

Material: Natural solid wood, tempered glass, black mental countertop

Accessories: Blackboard menus, led light, backlit logo.


Still looking for a nice coffee counter design?

Come here, click our web:

you will find the model you like!


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