Hello Everybody, i will introduce the Coffee Round Bar Counter with Unique Design in Coffee Shop for Sale to you today. Coffee is a good drinking tan other drinking, because its really fregrant. The time that coffee drinks coffee had better be in after having breakfast and lunch, because this can promote the wriggle of intestines and stomach, help digest, can decompose the food of the tall quantity of heat that eats down, tall fat, also won’t be like hollow drink coffee, cause stimulation to intestines and stomach. It is best not to drink coffee after dinner, for fear of affecting sleep. If you want to stay up all night by drinking coffee, you may drink too much, which is not good for your health. So we don’t just sell coffee, we sell coffee beans. This can also facilitate workers to work overtime to help them refresh. And when you prepare to open the coffee shop, you may want to choose a theme and color palette for your coffee shop. whats important is that can attract more customers for the shop appearance. So we can do a design first. The design will show all of your needs. You can tell us your size firstly, if you have the shop floor plan, it will be better. The design will show your different angles and size about the shop. 

Introduction Details

Material: The main material is MDF; surface use the baking paint, and artificial stone;

Color; use the blue, puple, and white.

Layout: The middle of the shop put the big coffee round bar counter. The side put small round tables, small square table. There is a lamp on each small table. Above the large round table, there is a character of the cloud chandelier. Some where we put the long bench with the cushion.

Including: Acrylic logo, 304 stainless steel baseboard, lock and others;8mm tempered glasses.

Company Information

Unique is a professional retail kiosk and store supply manufacturer, With a lower material, land, and labor Cost. We are able to offer our client high-quality display showcase with an affordable price. Let us supply you commercial display fixtures and mall kiosk for your up growing franchise business from mall kiosk carts to retail store display. Our kiosk ideas will help you increase your brand value and presentation with the best low-cost affordable display solutions.

Contact Information

  • Contact Person: Karena Yang
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  • Tel: 008613410560420


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