Clothes store display counter unique design fit for street store

Dear friends, nice to meet you here! Are you looking for clothes store display counter? Are you planning to open a clothes street store? Do you want to have a unique decoration? Do you need custom store furniture to make your store special?

With the improvement of living standards, people attach more importance to their personal image. So they need more clothes to suit different occasions and often need to buy new clothes to make them look more beautiful. If you are going to do clothes business, maybe this store display counter may suits you better. Let’s learn more about this food kiosk design.

Clothes store display counter

We can see the whole store design from the shop window. Usually we choose clear glass wall, so that people can find the one attractive. And there are many models behind the glass wall. You can match different clothes styles on them, novel styles can attracts people and bring you more traffic and profit.

There are many display shelves and display racks in side the store. Because they can place different styles of clothes and can help people find the right one they want. The tables and seats can not only decoration your store, but also give people a very comfortable feeling. For a clothes store, ceiling light and spot light is very important. The light can makes the clothes looks more beautiful, please don’t ignore it when decoration your own store.

It’s better to make a brand logo, so people can find you well. We also need to set up 2-4 fitting rooms and as many mirrors as possible, especial when you owns a big store. We can also add some small decorations to make our store more vivid and cute. Do you like this store design?

Inner design

Clothes store display racks

The whole kiosk decoration should based on your own ideas. So when you need clothes store furniture, please choose unique. Our company design and production customize kiosks for 10 years. Before making such a store design, please tell us the dimensions first. When you need further information, please send us an inquiry. Thank you!

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