Elegant ladies clothes display racks shoes display shelves in retail store

As we know all ladies and girls love buy new clothes and shoes. Women love beauty is in nature, even if there is a pile of clothes in the wardrobe, you may see a similar one on the street, a little change is different, you may buy it home.There are many reasons why women buy clothes and shoes. Maybe it ’s because I bought a top that I liked but I did n’t have pants or shoes to match it; it might be because I really needed it or I liked it too much; the discount or discount is also very attractive to women.So women always be the biggest customers of clothes and shoes.When you go a shopping center or street, you will easy find many ladies clothes display racks in shop.well,so many clothes shops, why people choose you?expect price and quality,first eye people see will be your shop decoration.Eye-catching shop decoration will attract customers.

Today I want to share you an elegant ladies clothes shop design:

you can see this clothes shop looks very elegant and fashion.For color, this shop used just simple black and white,added white led light makes whole shop looks very elegant.For materials, you will find left and right wall,floor all used marble look tiles, the feature wall and cash counter used black marble.Looks very modern and high-end.The middle racks just sliver metal racks,looks nice.

this shop design also very functional.You can see left is clothes display racks, right side are shoes display shelves with sofa for customers to try shoes.middle are display table for handbags.

Some basic info for you know the shop well:

1.size:7m by 10m
2.material:metal for display racks and tables legs,MDF shelves,laminated table countertop,cash counter surface used marble
3.Production time:22-25 work days

Do you like this clothes shop design?if you also want to open a clothes shop and want to know more details, just feel free contact us.





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