speech table

Classic wooden speech table/lecture table/podium/rostrum stands

Rostra originally referred to a platform in ancient Rome where officials, politicians, advocates, and other speakers addressed the assembled Roman people and conducted criminal trials. With the progress of society, the speech table has developed into various forms. Such as school, business sharing, and so on. If you are also looking for a speech table. I hope this article can help you.

Description of speech table

From the picture, we can see that this is a very common podium. It includes a countertop and two drawers for easy storage of documents and other things. In general, the speech table should not have too much decoration, which can make people feel inadequate and easy to eye strain. It can put the logo on it can not only beautify but also highlight the theme.


  • Item Name: W ooden speech table/lecture table/podium/rostrum stands
  • MOQ:  1 Set
  • Utilizing Area: Mainly used in an academic forum, business trading centers, church
  • Style: Present, Modern, practical, and fashion
  • Lead Time: 20-25 days including speech table design
  • Guarantee:3 Years after table installed on site.
  • Preferred standpoint: Industrial facility Direct Sale.
  • Plan& Design: Custom Free Design, 3D MAX rendering, plan for you until you are fulfilled.
  • Dispatching way: Via sea, by air, etc.
  • Generation of UNIQUE KIOSK FACTORY: 1 Carpentry Workshop, Metal Workshop, Hardware Workshop, Spraying Room, and Installation room
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Trade Assurance

The design process for rostrum stands

You’ll need a reliable rostrum stands manufacturer to help you finish that. Unique furniture is a direct furniture factory with a professional and excellent design team. Our design is customized according to the customer’s standard. So we can make a new design according to your requirements, in order to make your rostrum stand more eye-catching.

It usually takes 2-3 days to design a new rostrum stand and send you 3D renderings for confirmation. All of your logos and details can show in the renderings, which you can check the details from different directions. During the design period, you can modify or add some new ideas.

When you confirm the 3D design and construction drawing, you need to pay 50% of the order deposit, and then we will arrange the production. Once the production starts, no modification is allowed. We will proceed step by step according to the construction drawing strictly. So you need to check the design and construction drawings carefully.

The production time will probably take 20-25working days. During the production process, if you need, we will also take photos and videos for you, so that you can know the production schedule. We will inform you to pay the balance payment after production is finished. So that we can deliver the goods smoothly for you.

Our advantages

Experience: We have more than 14 years of experience in making rostrum stand furniture and have our own factory and skilled workers. And use high standard materials to ensure product quality.

Design: Our company has an excellent design team to create unique 3D designs for you. Our designers have different design ideas every day. They will design and add new ideas according to your store floor plan and your requirements.

Production: Our workers produce exactly according to the design and construction drawings. To ensure that the goods you receive are exactly the same as the design. And we have special quality control and management system to ensure the quality of products.

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