Best perfume is from French, while the best perfume kiosk is from Unique Kiosk. When you want to start a perfume retail kiosk or looking for nice perfume display showcase counters, Unique will be your best place to Go. We offer a huge amount of varies concept perfume display, Whether you need a perfume store display fixtures or mall retail kiosk, you will find your favorite display here.

LOOTAH Gold stainless steel perfume kiosk design

April newly finished Chrome golden perfume kiosk design with an acrylic display case for sale, If you are in the high-level perfume business. This kiosk is just perfect for you. The full kiosk is combined with golden stainless with glossy white 2pac painting. All the acrylic display box on top of the showcase counter has led light background light up. It not only make the products outstanding but also beauty the kiosk concept.

With an irregular arrange display box, each special perfume can standing on one certain box,  Customer can easy choose and buy, This user-friendly design can help you get good communication with customers.  Kiosk perfume logo pylon is in the middle of the kiosk with  2 advertising TV inside. You can have your well-planned ads repeated display all day long.

Logo of this perfume kiosk also finished with golden stainless steel, around the kickplate part is warm white led light.  If you need a different color light, we can change it for you to adapt to your own business and brand theme.

Few questions can be easy to find answers from Unique :

  • How to set up a perfume kiosk in mall?
  • How much revenue can a perfume kiosk make in a year?
  • Where can i get a unique perfume display stands?
  • What’s the best perfume kiosk design?
  • How to start a perfume retail business?

Unique is not only the best mall kiosk designer but also a professional kiosk manufacturer. We provide free kiosk design service if you build the kiosk in our factory. Before you start a kiosk design. Our design team will help you finished a perfume kiosk design with your own mind. Then we build the perfume kiosk display exact following the drawing. On one hand, you can have drawings submit to a mall for approval. On the other hand, we can build the kiosk directly in our factory. You do not need to find another kiosk supplier to do it. This will have help you save cost and time.

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