Choose to make a candy display booth is a Smart Investment

As we know almost all children like candies, sweet candies always make people feel happy and excited. Different kinds of nice candies always attract children.So more and more people choose to do candy buiness.It is a smart inverstment. One biggest reason is the Market Demand is high, not only children need candies, when marry or celebrate also need candies. Then is because the high profit margins. So choose to make a candy display booth is a smart investment.
To do a candy business, the frist step you need get a rent, then the next thing you need get a candy kiosk to display the products. the candy booth style and function can help your business a lot. Today i want to share you a nice candy display booth we just designed.

this kiosk is 15ft by 10ft,you can see it is very nice and attractive. Elegant pink color match white,looks very nice. Then you can see it is also very practical. the left area has a U shape counter to do cash and service customers. The right side all shelves with candy display, people can choose any style candy they want. this kind design easy for people to see all styles. On top added a ceiling with spot lights, this kind decoration makes this kiosk looks more attractive.

Here are more details for your ref

1.Size:15ft by 10ft
2.color:pink and white
3.material:MDF with white and pink glossy baking paint finish
4.accessories:acrylic candy boxes,illuminated logos,led sign

You may have belowing questions:
1. do you accept customize?
A:yes, we accept. we have professional design team, can help design the candy booth as your needs. So we will need know your size, need how many stations, want what color etc. then we will design for you see effect.
2. how to assemble the kiosk?
A:assemble is very easy in fact. before loading we will finish all asemble, we will go wires, lights, electricity, sink, logo, signs will all fixed. Just considering shipping, we couldn’t ship it just a whole piece, so will need devide it several sections, and number them. when you received just follow number put them in right position, and join wires. then can use.

For more styles welcome to check our web.


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