Choose suitable doors as your needs for your mall kiosk


Hi friends! Weekend is up, firstly I wish you have a nice weekend!

Recently I did a jewelry kiosk , his kiosk used different kinds of doors. I met some customers also asked about doors problem.

So today I want to share you some doors and their features, so that you can choose the suitable doors as your needs for your mall kiosk.

1.The Swing door

Swing door is the Most commonly used door in the furniture area. It is a door that opens inward or outward. Many kiosks inside cabinets will use this kind door. The advantage of it is very use operating. but this kind door when open need take some space, so you need leave enough space for it. Wood swing door as usually used for inside cabinet, the glass swing door as usually used for kiosk outside display.

2. The Sliding door

Sliding door is a door that opens in the left and right direction. It also widely used in kiosk production. Because it just need push on left or right then can open, so won’t take extra space outside of the cabinet. this way can save space, if you have very narrow work space , then you can choose this kind door. But the weakness it can only open half side, so this way when you want put products, like jewelry tray, can just put one by one.

It also include wood sliding door and glass sliding door, glass sliding door will usd as glass display showcase, wood sliding door will used for inside storage.

3. the Shutter door

The shutter door is a door that rotates the upper and lower doors around the reel above the door. It normally used in close shop at night, but also sometimes will used to close kiosk at night.

4. Spring door

Spring door is a door with a spring hinge that automatically closes when opened. It also a kind of Swing door, but it can close itself, so when you use will be more convenient.

These are several main doors used in mall kiosk production, also some times will use flap door, folding door etc.

When you choose the door, you need to take into your usage, your space and budget into consideration. Also you need choose door match your kiosk style. The suitable is the best.

Hope this page can help you, if you have more questions just feel free contact us.






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