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Hi, everyone, how is everything going? Welcome to our website, we all know, we can’t survive without food. So many people see an opportunity, begin their sell food business, perhaps you are looking for a food kiosk or food shop. Now I will tell you a piece of good news, our workshop has all kinds of food kiosks.

I believe you will like them, today please allow me to show you a beautiful food kiosk. It’s a bread kiosk, candy shop and chocolate display showcase. I believe many people can’t resist the temptation of cake, candy and chocolate, let’s see the design of the candy display store furniture.

3D design of the candy and sweet store display furniture:

This food shop is an open area in the shopping mall. It is not too big, the size is about 15 square meters. Inside it has the cake display counter with two cake display fridges. And the cashier register counter on the front with the logo. The candy display cabinets with some candy box for the candy and sweets. We can make the ceiling with the logo for you also. All the colours can customize as you like. The size of the display cabinet we can customize as your shop size. So you just need to send us the floor plan of your shop then we will customize a new candy shop design for you.

Wow, it’s so beautiful, at the sight of it, my appetite went up, what about yours? we can see, It has two compartments for place three layers of cake, small dessert, bread, and so on.and its design very exquisite, specification just right, colour is eye-catching purple match a low profile blue, that make it looks perfect, besides, it is material very durable, you needn’t worry its quality, very good, isn’t it?

The material for the candy shop display showcase:

Let us see the basic information about the cake and candy food shop furniture. For the candy shop display furniture, we will use the MDF as the basic material. And the surface with the baking paint finish. The colour you can choose from the Pantone. You can choose the colour you want. For the candy display, we suggest a colourful colour will better to attract children. The back wall we can use some sticker or poster to decorate the shop, then when the customer walks through they can see and know what food you sell.

If you want the candy box, we can offer to you also, the material of them is acrylic. The glass we will use 8mm tempered glass it is really good quality. Meanwhile, the logo we have some options for you to choose. 3D hollow out lighted logo, acrylic not lighted logo, stainless steel lighted logo, 3D lighted logo and so on. The price will have a little difference between them.


How to assemble the candy store display showcase?

Assemble this store display showcase is very easy and fast. It can be assembled quickly even without any experience. Before we produce the display showcase, we will make a construction plan & technical drawings. You can see the whole shop furniture will be divided into some a few parts. When you receive all the packages, you can open the packages, and put them together according to the floor plan on the technical drawings. And we will install all the lights, wires and sockets. So you just need to connect the male and female connector to your shop power supply, then the whole shop will go on. If you have any new idea about assembly, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to help you at any time. Thank you for the time

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