Candy is a very common snack in our daily lives. Candies are memories that accompany us throughout our childhood. Selling sweets is a very reliable business. During the Chinese New Year holidays, most people will have candy in their homes. These candies are specially used for hospitality. Especially during major festivals, candy is essential. In addition, wedding candy is also needed when newly married, which represents sweetness. Another function of candy is to help relieve the fatigue of people with low blood sugar. When they are dizzy, they can eat a candy to relieve their discomfort.

So if you want to start your own small business, you can open a candy store. Next, i will introduce the candy display stand with you as a reference.

Candy Display Stand

The candy display stand we use MDF as a main material and the surface we use the baking paint. For the color and size, we can customize the candy display stand for you.  We are custom manufacturer and can customize the display stand for you. For the numbers of the display shelves, you can tell me your needs. We can do the new one for you.

Product Detailed

  • Material,MDF
  • Size:
  • Surface, baking paint,
  • Color, red, blue, and etc
  • Style , Modern design, round shape

How to choose the display stand in the candy shop?

New Display Stand

The candy showcase needs a unique and attractive showcase for children. Through the unique artistic modeling, the showcase becomes a work with artistic temperament, which can well show the beauty of candy. The candy display cabinet must have a unique shape to give customers a certain visual appeal.
Children generally like color matching, so most candy stores are in color. This also means that most candy display stands are colored, which can make the shop more colorful.

Different display stand

We all know that there are many types of candies, which also means that we need more display stands to display candies to customers. If there are too few types of candies, children will have less choice, which is not conducive to the development of the brand. So we need to choose the right display stand for the candy.

Order Process

Design- confirmed- production-packed-shipping


We are custom manufacturer, and can customize the candy display shelves for you. You can tell me all of your needs, we have professional design team and can customize new one for you.

Confirmed process

Before produce the candy display shelves, we need to confirm the construction drawings and the 3d design. Then we will produce it according to the construction completely. The step is important for the whole process.


The production include 3 step. First step is to make the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings. Then we need to polish the wooden cabinet to make the surface more smooth. The surface more smooth, the surface treating will be more better. Third Step is to do the surface treating. It include 4 primers and the baking paint.


For each edge and corner of the display stand, we will use EPE foam to pack.
We all know that EPE foam is a new type of cushioning and shockproof packaging material. It has good heat resistance, moisture resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. So packaging with this material is very advantageous. Then fix the EPE foam with a film. As for the outer packaging, we will use MDF to build wooden boxes. Then put the inner packaging into the wooden box, and finally seal it with nails.


We also can provide the shipping service. You can choose the sea shipping and air shipping. In general, our customer will choose the sea shipping because the price will be cheaper than air shipping.  If you have enough time, we suggest that you can choose sea transportation.




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