Are you looking for a candle retail kiosk design for your business? Here is a very nice retail shop in the mall for candles. Different shapes and styles candles are displaying in well-organized display kiosks. If you need the same kiosk or similar concept retail stands, Welcome to visit us or drop us a quick inquiry.

L’Avel’s inspiration is to present several options of decorative, aromatized and accessory candles, adding personality and sophistication to any environment. For this client, Kube designed the brand kiosks, with the idea of maximizing product exposure in a small space. The contrast between dark and light elements emphasizes the products in the side vendors.

A different view of candle kiosk design.  Candle kiosk is not a candy kiosk, the display method are quite different. But all different retail kiosk still have to follow mall retail kiosk criteria.

Unique Kiosk is a leading retail kiosk, retail stands, retail cart, and retail display unit manufacturer. We design and build kiosk displays at customer own minded. We skilled at all type of decoration materials. From solid wood, plywood to metal, stainless steel, aluminum or glass solid stone, etc. We can help you build a fantasy unique retail kiosk with feature outstanding design ideas.

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