Hello everyone! Glad to know that you are looking for bread cart. With the fast development of society, it’s a great idea to start our own business. For many people, they don’t know how to start their first business and have no idea about the cost. If you are one of them, congratulations, you are in the right place. You can begin with a small food cart in the mall center or even outside. As the cart need a small location and can help you better. Today, I want to share a high end bread cart with you. You can use it to sell food and drinks or even display showcase other items.

Introduction about the bread cart

As we can seen in the picture, the main color of the cart is brown. The size is 200cm L*80cm W * 1600cm H, the cart can custom made suits for your business. There are checkout area in the side and when add handles there, you can push to different places. On the cart body, there is a drink fridge to sell cold beverages. If you need a food warmer on the counter top, we can leave enough space there. It has a holder frame on the top ceiling, you can put light here for decoration and also put beautiful packages here. It can leave good impression on customers. Do you like this style?

Design drawing show

bread cart cupcake cart drink cart mobile food cart retail food cart

More information

If you need a unique food cart or RMU kioks in the mall center, please feel free to discuss more details with us. We can help you make a new one to meet your demands. In fact, every products from our factory is depends on customers requirements. You can tell us what color, size, style, location, and even what food do you sell. We can also input machines to the kisok and show the effect in a new 3D design. In this case, you can view your own cart clearly. Whenever you need help, please contact us here.

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