As a mall used brow bar kiosk manufacturer , We can customized Brow bar furniture in mall with glamour eyebrow threading kiosk design.  When start a unique brow threading bar in mall , Your need a high quality brow bar furniture to do threading service. Unique Kiosk is the right kiosk supplier you are looking for .

Today , i m going to share a nice brow bar furniture design for GLAMOUR FOREVER. Because this kiosk is used in westfield shopping mall . So the design and material used are quite strict. With whole golden color design. We combine the entire design with black ,white ,golden together and bring out a high quality luxury brow bar kiosk .

Brow bar furniture in mall is actually a service spa for eyebrow threading business. here blow are the 3D design for brow bar kiosk .

Features advantages of our brow bar furniture .

To success in mall brow bar business , A nice and features brow bar kiosk will give great help. However, what kind of brow bar kiosk is the best one to choose? Here are some of our unique brow kiosk furniture characters.

1.Exquisite workmanship, and space-saving designs.

2.High-grade and environmentally-friendly materials, easy and smooth for workers and customers.

3.Stable and durable structure, convenient to be assembled & disassembled.

4.High-power energy-saving LED lights with various colors.

5.Unique Brow bar design with attractive outlook.

Why you choose Unique Brow bar furniture?

  • Many years experience in eyebrow bar and brow kiosk manufacturing
  • Professional kiosk and brow bar design & production technology.
  • Strict quality control system, High quality material used.
  • Good after-sales service with 2 years quality guarantee.
  • Competitive price in China ,best value for money.
  • Protection of your sales area ,design copy right & private information.
  • Fast Delivery on time, Quick response on inquiry.
  • Free 3D design and construction drawing.

What are you waiting for , The price you buy a second hand brow bar or used brow bar cost you can get a totally new kiosk from us. The great value and opportunity you can never find again. Contact us now for a free bar kiosk design

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