Blue & White Jewelry Display Kiosk For Shopping Mall On Sale

Hello, friend. Nowadays, jewelry is becoming more and more popular by the people. Especially on some important occassions, we will choose jewelry as gifts for our relatives and friends. So it is a good time to do jewelry business. Do you want to open a jewelry shop or make a jewelry display kiosk? Today I will share with you a blue and white jewelry display kiosk in our company. I hope it is helpful for you.

jewelry display

Some Imformation Of The Jewelry Display Kiosk

This is the latest a new designed jewelry display kiosk with the roof. The jewelry display kiosk size is 3*4m, and the color is blue and white. It looks very beautiful and fashionable, do you agree? The jewelry display kiosk material is MDF with baking paint, tempered glass, acrylic logo. Including stainless steel with blue color strip decoration. The jewelry display kiosk also has light boxes to put up posters of the jewelry. It is a good way to advertise jewelry. In the middle of the jewelry display kiosk has a small cashier counter and below is a storage cabinet. Especially, the jewelry display kiosk has layered with glass. It can display different kinds of jewelry. Such as diamond, crystal, pearl jewelry and so on. Do you like this style of jewelry display kiosk?


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How To Make Your Jewelry Kiosk More Outstanding

A good jewelry display kiosk can play the advantages of the jewelry. Here are some nice points for your reference.

1. The style of design and color selection

A good style can not only highlight the feature of the jewelry, but also attract more customers. And the color is the first element to catch the customers eyes. It also can decorate the facade.

2. Ingenious logo/ light boxes/ advisement player

Unique logo can not only promote jewelry, but also make people stay and have an interset in looking jewelry.

3.  High quality glass shelves selection

Choosing the right and high-quality glass has magical visual effects to jewelry. Its permeability is strong and it is also         very fashionable.


The above three points are very important to make your jewelry kiosk outstanding. If you have any ideas or want to customize a jewelry kiosk, please contact us soon. We will customize a suitable jewelry kiosk according to your requirements. Looking forward to your visitation. Thank you for reading!





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