For those who drive, sunglasses can keep them clear of vision under the scorching sun and ensure their safety. For others, sunglasses can be said to be a decoration of appearance. We can see that many models on the covers of magazines wear sunglasses. They look very cool. There is no age limit for sunglasses. Anyone can wear it, so it has a wide range of sales. In the mall, there are many sunglasses kiosk displaying sunglasses. They have a wide variety of sunglasses and are very popular with customers.

The style of sunglasses kiosk depends on the ideas of our customers. We are a kiosk customization company, and all our kiosks are made according to customer requirements. Let’s take a look at the following sunglasses kiosk.

Sunglasses Kiosk Details

The size of the sunglasses kiosk is relatively small. What we do is display the sunglasses in a row. It is a trapezoidal display, the capacity of the trapezoidal display is relatively large, and customers can see it clearly. Above the display area is a mirror, which is indispensable for sunglasses shops. Below is the storage cabinet, you can put our inventory and tools or packing bags. Next to it is the cashier counter. The cashier counter is the place where customers check out. It is also very important.

In addition to the display area and the cashier area, this kiosk also has a decorative board, we can install advertising machines or lightbox paintings. They can make our kiosk more attractive.

Size: 4×1.5m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Others: Mirror, logo, lightbox, floor

Production time: About 25 working days


Sunglasses Kiosk Production

After confirming the final design, we will start production. Our production is done strictly in accordance with the construction drawings. The construction drawings are made according to the design drawings. So we will end up with a kiosk that is the same as the design. Our surface treatment is baking varnish, the color of the baking varnish is very many. We will send you a color card before spraying the color, you can choose a color you like.
The logo on the kiosk or the pictures in the lightbox is all you need to provide. We will print them out and install them on the kiosk. In addition to these decorations, we also install sockets, lights and advertising players. When you receive the goods, you don’t actually need to install them. Just simply put the cabinets together and connect the wires.

Can you design a kiosk according to my ideas?

Yes, of course. You can decide the kiosk size, material, style, and color. We have our design team, they can help us to design the unique kiosk. The design fee is 300usd, design time is 2-3working days.

What if I don’t like the design?

Our design allows modification. When we finish the design, you can check. If you have any comments, you can tell me. Then we will modify the design. I can sure you can get your favorite kiosk here.

What is the sunglasses kiosk price?

Our kiosk design is based on size, material, and style. Different sizes and styles have different prices. It depends on the final design. You can send us your size and favorite kiosk pictures, and we can give you an estimate.

This sunglasses kiosk size is 4×1.5m, the price is about 6500$.

How long is the shipping time?

The transportation time is different in different countries. Generally, it is 25-40 days. Customs clearance takes a week.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment. We support TT wire transfer and Western Union, Alibaba Trade Assurance.


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