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Shopping can make a woman secrete a hormone similar to that which is secreted in love, called dopamine. Dopamine can make people feel happy, and buying bags can also bring such feelings to women. If you ask a women: how many bags do you have? the answer is always not only one. Usually, they have 3-5 piece. Sometime they may have more than 10 pcs. Even Female star has collected hundreds of bags.  Why women like to buy bags. here is some reasons  

Why do women like to shop in bag stores?

1.women have too many things to bring in them if they go outside. mobile phone, earphone, power bank, wallets, keys, nail clippers, wipes, tissues, Mirror, comb, lip balm umbrella, glasses, chewing gum snacks, etc. So they must have a  bag to put this inside.   2. Bags are more like accessories. Wear different clothes, go on different occasions, in different seasons, always have different bags to match it. Jewelry like necklaces and earrings can only make women more beautiful and different. Bags are not only accessories, but also essential practicality.   3.women like to compare to each other between. If a women show off her new bag, then some of  other women will buy a similar one. the topic of them can be begin with a bag if they are not with unfamiliar with each other.    

the details of the bag store

let’s look at the bag store showcase. this bag store showcase is very beautiful. it is made of the thick wood and the surface finishes: Baking paint. There are showcases in two sides of the store. Each cabinet displays different styles of bags. A display cabinet is placed at the middle aisle. bag store bag store bag store  

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