Attractive Macaron Kiosk Popular Sweet Food Booth to Roma

The macaron is a very popular food in the world. People like to eat it because of its good taste and beautiful looks. Many people choose to open a macaron kiosk in the mall as their first business. It’s easy to operate and get money back quickly. Below as I want to share a macaron kiosk with you.

Introduction of macaron kiosk

This macaron kiosk has a pink body finish, very lovely, and attracts the eye’s attention. The macaron kiosk size is 4m*2m. It includes a display showcase, working table, checkout counter, water sink, storage shelves, brand signage, etc.

Layout description:

It is an open food kiosk in the shopping center. People can see and choose macarons from all directions. We can see the two long sides have a large countertop display showcase. Near the entrance door is a water sink with a glass panel for protection, while the opposite side is a cashier register for checking bills. Under counter are display shelves and locked cabinets. The side has a big gelato display showcase to increase sales.

Logo introduction:

This macaron kiosk has 3 brand logos in total. It’s a very good way to decorate and advertising company culture. This brand logo is a hollow acrylic logo without light. If you need an upscale effect, we recommend making a 3D luminous logo or stainless steel logo with backlit.

Material introduction:

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Pink baking paint

Kicking, Stainless steel

Countertop: White marble stone

Other materials: 8mm tempered glass, hardware, light lamp, etc.

How to open a food kiosk in the shopping center?

If you decide to sell Marcon in the mall, the first step is to find a suitable location for a food kiosk. A good location brings target customers to you and improves sales.

Then you should sign a contract with the manager. In this case, you can know what size of the macaron kiosk you can buy. Managers in the shopping center require the owner to provide a 3D design for approval. Therefore, you should make the 3D design to start.

Third, make a 3D design drawing and decide construction plan. You can tell the designer about your requirements. Includes kiosk size, decoration color, layout and machine size, etc. They will make a new model basically and show how it looks like with brand sign.

Finally, send the confirmed kiosk design to the manager and health department. When they agree with the design, you can start a business quickly. Reviewing design always takes time, we recommend leaving more time to design.

How to manufacture the macaron kiosk?

It’s better to leave at least 2 months to get the unique mall kiosk. About a month working days to manufacture and a month to deliver the kiosk.

When we make a deal, we should first arrange the order to workshop and prepare the material as the first step.

The second step cut the wood panel according to counter size to make wood bodies.

The next step is to paint the wood food kiosk to the required color. We should paint it at least 5 times, it takes time to complete. But I think it’s worth it to get a perfect finish decoration.

Fourth step, assembly the light and wires into the kiosk. It’s very important, so you can use the light and electronics directly when receive the goods.

Finally, installation of the locked doors and glass showcase. It needs about 2 workdays. And we should test it before delivery to make sure everything works right. Our workers can also clean the counter and cabinet, so you will receive a clean macaron kiosk.

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