Cosmetic plays a very important role in our daily life. Because it can enhance temperament and make people look more charming. It’s a great idea to open a cosmetic counter in the mall center. The unique cosmetic display cabinet can better display the goods and make your store stand out. Let’s view this cosmetic counter together.

How to design a unique cosmetic counter?

First of all: design a cosmetic display cabinet in line with consumers’ aesthetics. It needs to highlight the characteristics of various products and make it easy for pedestrians to choose from. The best-selling products should be placed into insight to promote purchase. The display of cosmetic display cabinets is also very important. A good display can give full play to the potential of limited space and make customers feel comfortable.

Second: Cosmetics should have clean and suitable colors. Not only does it require attention, but more importantly, it can make people remember you. Lighting is also a very important part. Spotlights are usually used in cosmetic kiosks, and light bars are used in back cabinets and glass display cabinets. Because the light of the light bar is more uniform. The color will have a strong visual impact and customers will have a deep impression on your store

Third: The design of the cosmetic display cabinet should conform to the public’s aesthetics and adapt to the style of the mall. This way you can start a business in the mall smoothly. You can also add any decoration you want to the display cabinet to make it look more unique.

Unique mall kiosk for sale

What I share with you today is a glass display counter. It covers an area of 3.5m by 2.5m. There is a high-level glass display cabinet on the countertop. On the bottom are locked cabinets for storage. Do you like this glass mall kiosk? Let’s learn more details together.

There are many eyelash posters on the counter body, which can show your shop and business to the public. It has a tilted display table to show products in a good way. Also, the clients can select the items. The tempered glass showcase makes a big role in the cosmetic kiosk, while on the bottom can add locked cabinets for storage. All the glass showcase has a light strip, which can brighten your shop and makes the products looks better. You can even add samples on the countertop, so people can try on the skincare products and see how the goods suit their skin. That can also help you increase sales performance. What do you think? It can easy to change the color and size according to your needs.

3D design picture show

makeup counter cosmetic booth cosmetic counter


Q: What color is match the kiosk design?

A: Color depends on your kiosk you can choose a favorite color to match the kiosk. It’s better to match your brand name and logo

Q: How to build this cosmetic kiosk?

A: We should first make a wooden kiosk body and hidden wires inside it. The second step is to do a baking painting surface. This work needs about 7-12 days because the kiosk should be painted multiple times and must wait to dry before the next painting. The third step is to install a glass showcase and sockets. The glass display showcase should fix into the display counter, so it need about 2-3 days to finish the work. The next production step is to add the brand logo, lightbox, connect wires of the cosmetic kiosk. It takes about 2-4 days depending on your kiosk size. When turning on the light, you can view the real looks of your kiosk.

Q: How to deliver the goods?

A: We should first package the goods well in a wooden carton, and take photos for your confirmation. Then arrange shipment, the goods usually ship by sea. Can also choose another delivery method like an airplane, train, etc. We will help you choose a good way that cost-effective and save the delivery time.

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