Attractive Design Matcha Tea Shop Furniture to Venezuela

Bubble tea and matcha have become popular in recent years due to their deliciousness and ease of portability. Many people plan to open a matcha tea shop to make a fortune. Today, I want to share with you a nice matcha tea room furniture design. If you own a 32 square meters shop, please don’t miss this style. Let’s learn more details together.

bubble tea store fixture

Description of Matcha tea shop furniture

As we can see in the design picture, there is a service counter at the entrance. People order food and pick up matcha tea from here. The service counter size is 4m by 2m. The cash register is placed at an oblique angle, which increases the space of the service counter. It also allows customers to view the menu at the same time, saving waiting time. A brand sign put in front of it gives a deep impression to people. The backside has a working counter with a sink. The inner side has a small kitchen room to separate the service counter from the inside seating area. So outside people can’t see inside customers.

While another wall is a long counter table with bar chairs. People can sit down here and chat with friends. Recently more and more people love to work and relax in the matcha shop. So it’s a good place to go, as the decoration makes up feel happy. Do you like this matcha tea shop fixture?
matcha tea shop

Material introduction:

We mainly use plywood to make the kiosk body, as it is waterproof and chemically stable. The countertop material is a translucent stone. It looks good and easy to clean, if you want a special effect, please don’t miss this tea shop furniture. Other materials include natural wood, stainless steel, light lamp, acrylic logo, etc.

How to get a green tea shop design?

As the shop owner first send us an inquiry about tea shop design. Our company has more than 20 years’ experience in building customize food shop, we agree to help him make design and even produce fixture. We discuss details about green tea shop decoration, including shop size, layout, color, style, etc.

Then, we sort out information and send it to the design department. They take a meeting to find good solutions and make CAD design drawings. It takes about 3-7 working days to get the first drawing. Because we have to recheck the design picture before give you. So you can get a good design. Design service needs 500usd and it will use as a production deposit.

The next step is to confirm the design and make the construction drawing. Construction design drawing needs about 3 days as it shows details of the tea shop. Such as electronic plan, separate counter, material, size, three views, etc. When producing it according to the drawing, we can get the same tea shop fixture at last.

bubble tea store design

How much cost to get to the tea shop fixture?

It’s the most common question we receive. As it is a customized kiosk, every part is changing according to special ideas. We can only check estimate costs according to the size. Similar to this matcha tea shop furniture design, if we make the 4m by 2m service counter with the brand name. It costs about 8200usd, depends on the final design. It’s also a good idea to send us a layout plan to get an estimated cost to move forward.

How to install the tea shop fixture?

We should install a tea shop fixture in our factory and take a picture for your confirmation. When you receive the goods, just put them in the right location. Connect the wires between the counters and you are ready to use them.

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