Attractive and Useful Perfume Kiosk Booth Design for Sale

perfume kioskAre you looking for a perfume kiosk for business? Perfume kiosks are useful because it can place products well and can also prove your brand image. Here is a nice perfume kiosk sharing with you. I am sure it can help you well, as it has a glass showcase, storage cabinets, brand signage area, and even light decoration. You can also decorate it with your ideas.

Perfume kiosk design details

Before starting perfume kiosk design, we will discuss details about perfume kiosk decoration. Such as kiosk color, suitable sizes, layout requirements, materials of each part, etc. The design team creates mall kiosk designs based on the demands. So, the owner can see the perfume kiosk effect in advance.

perfume showocaseProducts details

We can see in the design, that this perfume kiosk has different levels of counters. That can show perfumes in different ways. For example, we can set perfumes in the glass cabinet, it can highlight the items and clients reach it with the help of employees. There are 3 layers of stairs counter table, we can also attach brand signage to the counter body so that clients can view the business well.

This metal frame signage is set near the cashier counter. When adding lighting, it will highlight your shop.

perfume kiosk

Material information

Basic material: MDF

Surface material: High glossy baking paint. We can also use wood veneer and solid wood decoration.

Lighting: Light lamps add to each glass cabinet, and flooring light attracts people. You can also add light under-counter or each layer decoration. Lighting will increase brightness.

Stainless steel kicking protects the perfume kiosk well. If you want a wonderful effect, using a stone countertop is a good idea.

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