A small store luxury clothing store furniture for sale

When considering to open a store, most people are worried about the costs. Today I want to share a luxury cltohing store desig with you, even if you owns a small size. I am sure that you will like this luxury clothing store furniture and decoration.

The whole store covers an area of 12 square meters, 2m width and 6m length. The basic tone is gold green, it will make people enjoy shopping. There is a special 3-layer round hollow display counter, you can put small products like perfume to attractive. On the back wall is a red perfume stand with pink light, the red decoration is particularly dazzling in the storefront. The right wall is for shoes and the left wall is for bags. Clothing and skirts are hange on the hollow mental frame on the two sides.

As we all know the mental frame is very stable and ecofriendly. It’s not only art but also very durable. This is a very simple design and decoration. However, when your own store design like this way, it can make your store and brand stand out. Besides, you should use warm light to express a very warm and harmonious atmosphere.

Clothes store furniture

Do you like this luxury clothing store furniture? When production yours, we should first make a similar design according to your own requirements. Because we provide customize design and service to our customers. So you should tell us what you want.

When you cooparate with us, we can also make a construction drawing. And the production will follow the drawings ao that you can finally get the kiosk you want. Isn’t so cool? Whenever you want to open a store, you can contact us and let us know your needs, we are sure that we can meet your demands.

Our company is located in Shenzhen, China. If you are travelling in China, welcome to visiting our company. You can enjoy the process of the kiosk in our workshop. And you can see the quality of all the kiosks in production. Thank you for visiting our website. We are looking to hearing from you.

Contact Email: sales02@uniquekiosk.com

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