When we go to shopping, we can see the street have many people to sell their snacks.It’s a normal phenomenon around the world.Many people want to doing their small business and it’s not difficult. You can sell fast food,candy or drinks. As long as you can do it and it can attract the customers.In fact, now the street snacks are very popular with the children and the young people. The business is booming.If you want to start your business, but you don’t have many budget. I suggest you make the street food kiosk or food cart first.You can take it anywhere to display your business.

Now the outdoor food kiosk or cart have a variety of type. But kiosks and carts have more different. First, let we talk about kiosks.Such as the below one.

1.Outdoor food kiosk

This outdoor kiosk including ceiling,tank system,floor,wheels,electronic system and safe equipment.You can put some chairs in there.If you have a fixed location, you can leave it here and needn’t to remove it.If you don’t have a fixed location, that’s ok. Because this kiosk with wheels.You can remove it very easy and relax.Think about it, when people go shopping very long time and feel tired, suddenly look at your kiosk. Find you have some snacks and drinks,they must want to buy your products.And you can make your advantage list in the kiosk, you can make it shine.Even if in night, people still can see your products list clearly.

And this kiosk is made of aluminum composite panel. This material has good weather resistance, high strength and easy maintenance.You don’t worry the hot weather and rainstorm.In addition, it have many color, you can choose the one or more you like. It also can custom the image and patterns if you like.

It’s your own kiosk, so you can decide its size, style and color.

2.Outdoor food cart

If you needn’t the kiosk because it was big or expensive, that’s ok. You have many choices. Let’s look at the food cart.It’s more popular than kiosks. Because it have the same functions as kiosk but the food cart is more cheaper.And in the street, food carts are many than kiosks.It needn’t have many space,and very easy to carry.Bring it out in the morning and bring it back in the evening.Look at the picture below.

These is a saying in Chinese “small as the sparrow, it possesses all its internal organs-small but complete”.In here the mean is although food cart small, but it has everything it should have.This cart have roof, cabinets, wheels,handle and sink. You can put your machines on the desktop.This cart’s desktop is made of man made-stone,very smooth.You also can custom the food cart what you like.You can according to your selling to make its shape. If you sell corn, you make make the shape like corn.If you sell candy,you can make a lovely shape that will attract the attention of children.

Anyway, whether it’s kiosks or carts, is the best way to help us to display our business.Now you know the kiosk and cart is integral part of the outdoor food.So, do you want to start your business?Do you want to get your own food kiosk?Yes, of course.

We are a company focus on production kiosk and cart.It’s a customize company, you can design and custom the kiosk what you like,we can make it according to all your needs.All are factory price,very cost-effective and the quality is really good.If you want to learn more about our products, you can contact me.



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