Speaking of stainless steel, that should be thinking about its source. During world war 1, the bore of a soldier’s rifle was easily worn out. So the British government military factories appointed scientist Henry Breyer to carry out improvements to weapons. Henry Breyer want to find wear resistant alloy steel, so he did a lot of experiments. But he don’t find it. One day, his assistant rushed over to breyer with a polished piece of steel. He said”Sir, this is the alloy steel. Mr.Mullah sent me when i was cleaning the warehouse.” ”Good!” Breyer said and experimented with it. Experimental results show that it’s a piece of acid, alkali, salt-resistant stainless steel. The stainless steel was invented by a German mullah in 1912. But the mullah didn’t know what the stainless steel was used for.  And Breyer discover the stainless steel function, use it to make the kitchen equipment. Such as knife,fork,spoon,fruit tray and folding. Since then, stainless steel has been widely used.

Stainless steel refers to steel corroded by weak corrosive medium such as air, steam and water and chemical corrosive medium such as acid, alkali and salt. Because of its properties, it was widely use in kitchen. It’s anti-corrosive, waterproof, shiny and very durable, so many people prefect to use it. But the stainless steel have many type, such as 302,303,304,309 and 316 etc. Actually, stainless steel has so many type, but 304 stainless steel is the one we use most often, especially in the kitchen.

304 stainless steel has extremely strong rust, corrosion resistance ,excellent plasticity and toughness. So many kitchen equipment made of 304 stainless steel. The desk, boiler or vacuum cup, this material is very easy to clean and have high quality. Not only the capacity, but also the cabinet,hearth and cooker. The use of stainless steel is not limited to the kitchen, it also can use in the commercial display kiosk or display food truck. Because it widely in around the world and many people recognize its quality and use. So if people want to make some commercial business or some furniture, they will choose use 304 stainless steel to make the furniture they like.

The best is the color stainless steel. Chinese color stainless steel not only has the metal unique luster and strength, but also has color chaos,durable color. Color stainless steel plate it not only maintains the physical, chemical, mechanical properties of primary color stainless steel, but also has stronger corrosion resistance than primary color stainless steel. Color 304 stainless steel excellent performance, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion performance.

In our life, 304 stainless steel is not only common indoors, but also can be used as a tool to display products outdoors. Such as the food cart, we can see many people use their food cart in the street. Someone sell fruit, someone sell hot dog or cold drinks. And a lot of cart all made of 304 stainless steel. It have high quality and low costs, so many people willing to choose this material to start their small business. And it’s the one of safest material. So if you also want to make a food cart, you can choose this material. Now we have such good material thanks to Mr. Breyer discovery and research.


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