As we all know, now the cell phone is the products that we are haven’t without in our live. Whether it is worker, students, the elderly, even if the children. They are all have the mobile phone. Because you can use it to contact your friends, your parents or your clients. When you tired,you can open you phone to listen the music. If you feel so boring,you can browse the information that interests you to kill your time. You can use it to record everything you think is important. It’s so useful, so many people can’t leave it. And now many cell phone companies are launched a lot of phone which have new functions. They are attract many young people. This is a big business, so more and more people to sell the cell phone.

But sell cell phone, it doesn’t just to have a place. The important thing is you must to choose the correct place. If you choose a poor location and not many people. It doesn’t have your business and which place have many people and can give you a lot of profit? Do you like go to shopping? Do you like go to the mall? Shopping mall are very popular place. You can see many people everyday. If you have a space in mall,that’s very lucky thing. That means more exposure for your products, for your cell phone. Although the phone have high quality, people can use it for many years. But if you also do the cell phone repair or sell mobile phone accessories. It will be attract many people to visit your products and find you to repair their phone.

If you have a space in mall, how to start your cell phone business?

As we all know, these have many kiosk in the mall. Such as food kiosk,jewelry kiosk and clothes kiosk. Shopping mall is a popular place to shopping. So these are a lot of people willing to go there start their business. Now let me introduce a mall cell phone kiosk for your reference.

Of course, the kiosk shape not just this type,it have many style. If you want to do it, you can do as your ideas. This type is one of the popular type,and it’s special. It was decorated with colored striped of wood. Glowing text make it look like more beautiful. These text could be your main products,or your catalog,let we see more pictures.

The glowing logo show your brand more clearly. So people can see it at glance what you do and what service you can provide for them. Tempered glass display your products. They come with light strips,so don’t worry the dim light. All kiosks with electronic system,and the wire system is according your country standard to install it.

Even if they need to get the approved by mall,we will bring it up to the mall standards.

If you have your mall space,if you want to make a kiosk to display cell phone service. Please don’t hesitate,we can give you the best service about the kiosk what you want.

We can make the design to you, and this design is full according to your requirements. I’m sure  you will like it, because we have our professional designer team. They can create amazing cell phone kiosk to help you get more people’s attention. Our material is MDF and plywood, have 2 finish way:baking painting and laminate. If you want to learn more cell phone kiosks, you can visit our website:

If you want to learn more details,please contact me,whatsapp:+8613410683550

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