What’s mall kiosk? Mall kiosk is a store operated by a kiosk of different sizes and shapes provide by the merchant. There have many types. Food kiosk, you can use it to sell your snacks or your drinks. Such as cake, crepe, coffee or bubble tea. Cellphone kiosk, sell mobile phone accessories, phone shell or use this kiosk to help people repair their mobile phone. Jewelry kiosk, you can display your jewelry. And now we can see the shopping mall have many kiosks. In the mall middle or in the corner. Because even in the corner, it is still seen by many people. Why so many people willing to make a kiosk in the mall? Let’s talk about the reason.
In general, the mall kiosk price is based on the size and style. If you want to make a kiosk, you should know the size of your position.But that’s no expensive.If you looking for the kiosk supplier in China, that’s very cheaper. Such as our company. Because we have our own factory, no middleman earns the difference. And the kiosk price range is 5500-8000USD. It depends on your kiosk size. The most common size are 3x2m,3x3m,3x4m,4x4m. And the kiosk include the counter, cabinet, led light, your logo(you can make it with light), light boxes poster and socket. You can connect your machine and start the work. For food kiosk, it can with the water system, you can wash your fruits,food or your hands. For cellphone kiosk, it with the salt panel and hooks to put your phone accessories or shell. It also have a work table for you to repair the mobile phone. You can choose cold or warm led light. About the socket, it can use your country’s standard. They all have a certification, so it’s very safe. Food kiosk countertop made of man-made stone, very firm and smooth. Display cabinet use tempered glass, not only durable, display effect is also very good. So the kiosk like this, everything needed is ready. You can use it like in the shop. Make the food and coffee.Then provide them to your customers. And the price just a few thousand dollars. That’s very cost-effective to make a kiosk.


Even work day or weekend, we can see many people in the shopping mall.  A family, a lover or good friends. Especially on weekends or holidays and festivals.  The scene can be described as a sea of people.  So if you build up the kiosk to show your business in the mall.  That must be a good exposure.  Or if someone no interested in your business or their don’t need it for the moment.  But when their go to shopping, they always can see your brand in that.  Over time, they will remember your business.  And now this mall have this business.  If she/he friends just need it. They will tell him “Ah, you can go to the XX shopping center. There’s have a kiosk of this service on the X floor.”

Shopping mall have very large passenger flow, there are many kinds of people there. There must be someone who needs your services.  Such as manicure service, eyebrow threading service or buy the watches, sunglasses or repair their mobile phone.

So if you have a kiosk in the mall and start your work, your business must be booming.  Rather than going out on the street, people are more likely to go to the mall. Because in the summer, outside it’s very hot, and there’s a air conditioning in the mall.  That’s very cool in the summer, it doesn’t get hot even after a long walk.  So the shopping mall have large passenger flow and it’s very good for your business.


As we all know, the shopping mall name is very easy to remember and its location is obvious. We can find it very quickly, and its name will appear in the navigation. If someone want to the mall, and they interested in your products, they just need know the mall name. But if you have your shop, they want to find you, that’s a little difficult. If your location is in the poor place, they need a lot of time to find your shop. So people perfect to go to the mall, there’s everything in the mall, resource are very great. Even if you have a shop, the exposure is not always good. So it’s important to have a good and familiar location.


So if you want to start your business and you don’t have a shop yet, or you want to join a brand. You can start by building a kiosk in the mall. Although shopping malls may need the rent. You must pay first if you want to get it. According to the good resource of the mall, you’re sure to get more. It may be a little hard in the early stage, but it’s easy in the later stage. Everyone knows the truth. The problem is to implement it. It’s useless to think. You have to take that step to get what you want. We are Chinese kiosk supplier, we provide the attractive and high quality mall kiosk. If you want to get more in your mall, you can contact us. We can help you to design and manufacture the attractive kiosk.

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