Good evening, everybody. It’s night here in China. Usually, it’s very calm and quiet in the evening. But now, I am excisited because I want to introduction a very beautiful corn display kiosk for you. I think you will like my introduction, right? Ok, let’s go and have a look at it.

On the first sight, we can see the design better. The kiosk is curved, which let your cup corn kiosk unique and make full use of the place. Also, we can also add green or yellow light on the kicking. So that your cup corn kiosk is surround by light.

Then, we can see the basic tone of the kiosk is black body with green wall and ceiling. The black body with some cute pattern, it looks very harmoney, very attractive and very lovely. The counter top has a clear glass to separate the work table from the customer. There is a high wall on the back side, you can put on ad. and TVs here to let people know your corn is delicious.

What’s more, under the display counter, there is enough space for you to storage thing. When we make your beautiful corn display kiosk design, we can make the storage place to the largest.


In addition, you can add some seats on the out back side of the corn display kiosk. I think your customers will like this desicion. Because, we all like to sit down and enjoy our food. It’s comfortable and very relax. Don’t you think so?

When you like this design, you can contact us soon. We can discuss more about the beautiful corn display kiosk. And the size, design, layout should be your favorites. Isn’t cool enough? As a manufacture with 10 years’ experience, we can give you a better design you want.

A beautiful corn kiosk

Hope you will like this design. It’s time to say goodbye. However, we are waiting for you and ready to answer your questions. Thank you for the time.

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