4×3 Meter Mall Used Square Eyelash Extension Kiosk for Sale

Are you looking for an eyelash extension kiosk used in the shopping center? Many people view the eyelash extension kiosk as the first business. We recently made a new eyelash extension kiosk, it is high quality and good price. This mall kiosk ship to Nashville, I am sure that you will like it.

Design Ideas of Eyelash Extension Pavilion

First of all, the use of glasses on the self-service terminal is very smart. There are not many kiosks that can use this simple idea to provide semi-private spaces. The frosted glass gives the whole kiosk a good appearance and a cool experience.

Second, display the logo on the wall. All the glass walls are supported by black columns at the corners. The silk with the black logo on the glass wall looks good.

Finally, the biggest advantage is that the simple but beautiful brow pavilion design reduces the cost of the pavilion. Therefore, compared with other types of designs, the price of this eyebrow kiosk is much lower.

Eyelash extension kiosk decoration

The size is 4m by 3m, the main color is light green glass with a dark frame. The working table is a white color. Looks very elegant and attractive. It mainly uses to provide eyebrow threading service, eyebrow extension service, eyelash services, etc.

Layout decoration

The eyebrow threading kiosk includes 4 eyebrow stations, each side has two working chairs. Outside is a frost glass wall to cover the location, which protects the client’s privacy. It’s very cool. Besides, we can put posters, brand signs, stickers outside the glass wall. People can know your business directly and attracts by the beautiful posters. It’s a good idea to change the poster here, so consumers always feel fresh about your store.

Material decoration

The main material is MDF to build the working table. The surface material is shiny white baking paint. You can also change white to any other colors you like. Such as black, pink, purple, gray, blue, etc. Mirror with light is very important for eyebrow threading kiosk. As it bright the shop and good for providing service. We can also use other materials to create a different effect. Like the solid wood surface, it’s a very popular finish decoration in recent years.

More information

We can see the eyebrow threading kiosk decoration directly in the 3D design drawing. It also shows how to make full use of the space and how it helps your business in a good way. When you need a display showcase to place small items for taking away, we can help you find a suitable place to place them.  That’s the advantage of a customized eyelash extension station. Besides, you can feel free to send the design drawing to the manager to get approval. As the material and circuit plan also show directly in the construction drawing. The construction drawing along with the 3D design drawing need about 5 working days to complete. If you have new ideas to add to the kiosk, it takes more time.

How to manufacture the eyelash service station?

First, prepare materials according to the counter size

Second, assemble the wooden body with cut wood boards.

Third, paint the surface of the wooden cabinet so that it becomes the chosen color.

Fourth, installation wires and drawers. The mirror and circuit also finish in this step.

Fith, finish the glass wall with a frame. And put them together with the workbench.

Finally, pack the eyelash extension kiosk for delivery. You should put the kiosk together and connect wires to the power supply. And you can get the right mall kiosk for business.

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