4*3 meter custom Saudi Arabia retail coffee shop furniture

It is my great honor to share one of my Saudi Arabia coffee shop to all of you.

Below left one is the 3D of his coffee shop design. That customer is from Saudi Arabia ,who is the interior designer and she plan to open her coffee shop.

coffee kiosk ideas

Coffee Kiosk with Wooden Style

The kiosk we use the plywood as basic material. The surface we use the coffee color laminate and the artificial stone as counter top. For the unique display showcase, we will install the light box, logo to make the kiosk more effective and attractive.

Basic information of her shop

coffee stands cost

  • size : 4*3 meter
  • material : plywood + white and wood laminate
  • shop design made by our designer team
  • design time :3-5 working day
  • production time around 20-25 days
  • shipping time to port around 2-3 week to Saudi Arabia
  • installation : our workers have installed the cabinet one by one any packed before shipping
  • If you have any ideas and problems you can contact us with our after sales team

Kiosk Layout

Front of the coffee kiosk, middle of the front is cashier place. One side of the front is working place, another side is pick up area. For the pick up area, we add the ground glass to make the food security. The two sides of the kiosk just wooden board to support the top frame. For the back of the kiosk, we install the huge light box in the middle can cover the fridge;  the two sides we also install the ground glass.


As you can see from that design it is a kiosk with functional. It is not only can make coffee and there are so many bar and tables for customers to enjoy their leisure time. That will be great and useful. From this shop design we can know it is kiosk design firstly. But finally it was installed into a retail shop. As my customer told at first she rented a space in the middle mall.

coffee shop design

But after the mall told there will be a store its rent much cheaper than middle space so she rented. It is very perfect that our kiosk also can fit very well in the retail store. After do like that it looks much more high-end, magnificent and classy. Do you think so?


Production Process

The production process include the wooden box, stick laminate, counter top treatment and install accessories like the light box, logo, and so on.

Wooden Cabinet:  We will do the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings. During the step, we need to prepare the material and assemble the wooden board.

Stick Laminate: we will stick the laminate on the wooden cabinet. During the stage, our worker need more careful to do it and make the whole craft more wonderful.

Install: We need to install the artificial stone firstly. Before we install the artificial stone, we will send some picture for your choice. Then we need to install the logo, light strip, light box.

coffee retail carts


The package include the outside package and interior package. The outside package is made into MDF wooden box.  Interior package we use the EPE foam and film to pack it. When we nail the wooden box, we also put the foam board to prevent the kiosk.

Unique Display

If you have any plan and ideas to open your own business for a coffee shop. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Unique kiosk always provides the best mall coffee shop kiosk design concept with the best kiosk price for sale.  Whether you are a franchise business company or single coffee kiosk vendor, we will have your ideal displays.

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